Learning Options

There are fifteen learning options for districts and locals to choose from. Each learning option has its own knowledge base and specific learning outcomes.

These options are designed to introduce or enhance the knowledge and skills of EAs, and can be offered in any order. However, we  recommend beginning with Foundations of Inclusive Education and Professional and Ethical Practice. These are core, foundation courses and provide participants with an important knowledge base about the EA’s role and work in inclusive classrooms. The course focuses on best practices for supporting students in school settings.

Other courses provide education and skill development that are context specific and build on the two foundation courses.

The 15 learning options available to choose from are:

Please view the January 5th, 2014 Update for the learning outcomes and other details for each of the 14 learning options.


For each of the learning options, we have prepared powerpoints presentations, handouts and an instructor handbook. To acess these materials, you will need a password which is provided to the district/local when the EA Training plan is approved.

Information for Districts

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